Ashley Graham admits her confidence always gets a boost if she's having a "fabulous" hair day. (Pic: Instagram)

Ashley Graham admits her confidence always gets a huge boost if she's having a "fabulous" hair day.

The 30-year-old model is adding to her growing list of high-profile jobs by joining forces with haircare brand Pantene and she believes having a good hair day can give her "a positive outlook". 

Speaking to PeopleStyle, she said: "Confidence comes from within, but having a great hair day definitely helps. My hair looks fabulous, I have a positive outlook on the day, and I know I can accomplish anything."

Ashley - who also recently landed a contract as the newest Revlon spokesperson - has assured her fans that even top models like her can have bad hair days and she suffers from flat hair in the humid weather, but she picks herself up with a treat to the salon to help her feel "fresh". 

She said: "The best hair day is any day after I get my hair done at the salon. I always leave with my hair feeling soft, voluminous and fresh. The worst hair day always involves being outside in bad humidity or the rain! My hair is already flat so the rain completely ruins it."

The 'America's Next Top Model' host gushed her hair is so "easy to maintain" that she only has to use a texturising spray to give it an extra boost.

She said: "I can really do anything with my hair - it curls great, can be worn straight or pulled in a fun bun and overall it's easy to maintain, I wash my hair every three days. On a daily basis I throw a little texturising spray at the ends and the middle. My hair is pretty easy and manageable so I don't use a ton of product daily, maybe just some hair spray before I leave the house."

And Ashley's favourite product from the Pantene collection is the Foam Conditioner which leaves her luscious brunette locks feeling moisturised.

Naming her favourite product, she said: "The Pantene Foam Conditioner, it's lightweight and leaves your hair feeling super moisturized. I'm telling you, try it out for yourself."