Aisha O'reilly. Picture: Instagram.
Maintaining natural hair is not easy. There are certain routines you have to follow to keep your hair healthy and well nourished. These hair bloggers share tips on how to take care of your natural hair. 

Bronwyn Abrahams (@queenofjozi)

The model and fashion blogger who describes herself as a fun-loving, shoe fanatic, beach-loving and bulldog- obsessed person is also a natural hair ambassador. She shares her tips on maintaining curly hair:

  • Everyone’s curl pattern is different, so don’t have curl envy - accept yours and love what you have!
  • Do deep condition at least once a month, first protein and then moisture masques, because curly hair tends to be drier.
  • A good cut changes everything. It not only shapes your afro hair but also gives your curls maximum curl effect.
  • Keep trying out new hairstyles so as not to get bored and to keep things interesting.
Bronwyn Abrahams. 

RuthMafupa (@evemafupa)

Self-taught hair stylist and founder of Natural Moisture is Ruth Mafupa, who is also a fashion designer. To manage kinky/curly hair, Mafupa shares the following tips:

  • Moisture is key to combating splitting and breakage. Make sure that hair is well moisturised by applying water frequently.
  • Using the correct product with quality ingredients is also important for healthier hair.
  • Trim ends regularly to get rid of damaged hair and retain more length.
  • Low manipulation styles are good for the hair as they prevent unnecessary breakage.
  • Avoid excessive heat on the hair to reduce breakage and to retain length.
Ruth Mafupa. 

Aisha O’Reilly (@aishaandlife)

Aisha O’Reilly loves hair, beauty and being a new mom. To best nurture ethnic hair, she offers these tips:

  • Don’t comb your hair dry - combing my hair when it has conditioner works the best and decreases breakage. Also, throw away the fine-toothed comb and only use a wide one.
  • Good products vs bad habits - don’t just rely on products to get your hair to grow and be healthy. You also need to put in the work and not practice bad habits so that your hair can flourish. Good products can make your routine more manageable - but only if you help.
  • Trust your hair - if it doesn’t like a product or technique, it’ll let you know. Learn to listen to it and adapt when necessary.
Aisha O'reilly. 

Amanda Cooke (@capetowncurly)

Amanda Cooke is a Cape Town natural hair blogger and suggests the following to keep your hair healthy:

  • Always protect your hair at night. Sleep with a satin or silk scarf around your hair or invest in a few satin pillow cases. Cotton pillow cases can encourage split ends and breakage. 
  • Deep-condition your hair once a week. This ensures that your hair is well nourished. 
  • Seal your ends, they are the oldest part of your hair and need extra protection. You can seal your ends with your favourite oil. 
  • Don’t forget to trim. You will be amazed how much curls, kinks or coils will pop once you give your hair a good trim every three to four months. 
Amanda Cooke.