Picture: Pexels
The festive season is finally here, bringing with it oodles of photo ops. To ensure that your mane looks amazing (without having to use 100 filters), Just Hair – an online information hub on all things hair – is spilling summer haircare secrets from top stylists around the country.

For the girls with curls

Keeping your hair moisturised and hydrated is a must for waves without the frizz. A deep conditioning treatment will define your curls and help them stay in shape for longer. Plus, having a spritz bottle handy is a great way to refresh curls and eliminate frizz when taking photos on the go.

Prevent post-swim pouffiness

Wearing your hair in a braid while in the water will limit frizz as most of your hair will be protected from movement – perfect for poolside pics.
Brilliant blonde

Sun and chlorine exposure can make blonde hair dull and brassy – a no-no for your #Summer2017 Instagram story. To make sure your golden locks shine, use a silver shampoo, which contains pigments that counteract brassy orange and yellow colours and restores cool blonde tones. Clarifying treatments are also crucial for removing chemical and product residue that can cause blonde hair to become dull.

Cover your coif

Protect your hair from the scorching South African sun (and look stylish in your snaps) by wearing a lightweight scarf or hat. A hair protectant spray with an SPF can also add an extra layer of protection to your hair.

Hydrate to look great

In the summer months you drink more water, right? Well, your hair needs just as much hydration as you do. Up your hair hydration efforts by using a good conditioning treatment.

Help for chlorine queens

If cooling off in the pool is your idea of a summer day well spent (and snapped), be sure to shower before you swim as hair is less likely to absorb water from the pool, and therefore chlorine, if it’s already wet. Remember to rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar to remove any chemicals.

The no sweat safe bet

Your hair is guaranteed to get sweaty while you’re soaking up the sun, so spray some dry shampoo on your roots and shake it out using your fingertips before you snap any of those #NoFilter selfies. If you have a fringe, spritzing on some dry shampoo will help maintain a fresh look by removing any oiliness.

Your healthy-looking hair will have your photos looking fabulous (and your phone buzzing) all festive season long.