Kinky curls with a lot of volumes are always a hit in autumn. Picture: Instagram.

Keep your hair game on lock this Autumn with trendy styles and minimalistic colours. 

Retire from vivid colours until next summer and embrace natural styles and warm-toned shades- think majestic copper, bronzy brown and red hues. 

Stylist Jimmy Shimbambu whose fashion hair game is always on par says kinky curls with copious volume are always a hit in autumn. 

“Try soft spiral strands from the vibrations range. They come in various subtle and earthy colours, ranging from solid basic colours, two-tone blends and highlights. Short hairstyles are also trendy and classy. It’s the ‘do’ for you if you’re a busy woman with little time to spare in the morning,” says Shibambu.

Braids are for every season and make great protective hairstyles.

He also advises that as the weather gets chilli, protective styles with longer lengths remain the best option. “Braids are always in the season while a weave offers a stylish look with subtle edge.” 

Unapologetically enjoy your hair this autumn, and have fun doing it.