Lizzo relies on wigs and weaves because she struggles to embrace her natural hair

Rapper-and-singer Lizzo. (Reuters)

Rapper-and-singer Lizzo. (Reuters)

Published Jul 26, 2019


Lizzo "struggles" to embrace her "natural hair" and still relies on "wigs and weaves".

The 31-year-old rapper-and-singer - who recently partnered with vodka brand Absolut to launch their Juice range - has opened up about her own journey of "self-love", and insisted it will "continue forever" because she is in the process of learning to appreciate her locks in their organic "state" without the use of extensions or styling.

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She said: "Loving who you are should start in the buff. You should essentially, by the end of your self-love journey, be completely in love with who you are with no makeup, no extra hair, no styling.

"Nudity is something that I've explored and it's exciting for me. The final frontier for me is the wigs and the weaves - my natural hair, my natural state truly. I'm working on it. It's a struggle. We're not there yet. 

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I’m hefty! 😃

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"There's no top of the mountain for self-love. It's a journey that continues forever, so I think it's a part of it. You gotta love that part. That's the juiciest part of you though."

And the 'Truth Hurts' hitmaker "loves" being able to play around with her make-up and fashion looks when she is on the red carpet, and appreciates her team helping her explore "big ideas" and "jokes" that she can bring to life.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, she said: "I really love my team, my creative team: hair, makeup, styling. We get to just really play around. We love exploring with colour, shapes, motifs, big ideas and jokes. 

"Turning jokes into a red-carpet look is what we do best. So I feel like right now, there are some people who aren't like this, but I like to wear my heart on my sleeve. My personality, you can see it. I don't even have to say nothing. I walk into a room and you know what's up."

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No I’m not a branch at all look baby I’m the whole damn tree ! 🌳 CUSTOM WOODGRAIN LEWK FOR THE @BETAWARDS BIIIIIITCH

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Lizzo - real name Melissa Viviane Jefferson - also spoke about her summer style and she intends to wear lingerie sets as outerwear and she's going to match the underwear with sneakers.

She added: "You know what I'm super into: matching sets. This summer, I have a bunch of matching panty and bra sets or, like, briefs. To be honest with you, swear to God, I'm just about to start rocking that outside with some socks and some sneakers. Not just panties but the boxer-briefs, kind of like shorts. And that nice little panty top that matches with some hoops, some jewellery, some fresh bed hair, maybe a brow, a gloss, a boot. That's it!"

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