Popping hair colour. Picture: Instagram.

With Spring on the way, bright and bold colours are loading. The season doesn't only mean summer dresses and florals, but it also means popping hair colour. Burgundy and silver were trending colours in winter now it's time for light blonde, ginger, ruby red, pink, blue and even
purple. Here are some of the cool hair colours you might want to try to brighten up your summer months.

Rainbow colour

This is a mixture of bright colours that blend in together to create this rainbow. Good for a colour blocking pop up.

 Rainbow colour: Picture: Instagram

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Black and bronze

If you don't want pitch black hair but still want to keep it plain and dark, you can always highlight it with bronze in front just to add a bit of colour. 

Black hair with a touch of bronze in front. 

Blue hair

For bright and over the top hair, this blue colour is for you. 

Blue hair colour. Picture: Twitter. 

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A post shared by Kim Taglienti (@tagyourhair) on


Copper is perfect for summer days. You can spend your days looking like a goddess as the sun rays reflect off your copper locks.