HAIR CARE: Founder of Natural Aura, Dr Charlene Makita.
HAIR CARE: Founder of Natural Aura, Dr Charlene Makita.
Natural Aura products, clockwise from top left, whipped hair soufflé, Beard oil. and Hair growth oil.
Natural Aura products, clockwise from top left, whipped hair soufflé, Beard oil. and Hair growth oil.
The search for organic products that will not only suit your lifestyle but also improve skin and hair regime is never easy. As the organic hair care industry continues to offer more and more options it’s getting more confusing.

Analytical chemist, Dr. Charlene Makita, who found a gap in the market for an all-natural product line specifically for ethnic hair for men and women, has created Natural Aura, a natural hair product line stemming from her master’s degree and Ph.D. research work on a plant called moringa.

Makita told us about her brand and some insights on the benefits that organic ingredients have on natural hair.

Dr. Charlene Makita. Picture: Simone Zanetti. 

Tell us a bit about the brand.

Natural Aura is a premium South African organic hair care brand for men and women using a range of oils derived from plants, seeds, as well as natural butter extracted from plant seeds that act as sealants.

Our products are moringa oil-based and the oil from the Moringa oleifera plant contains antioxidants that provide the benefits of quenching and suppressing reactive oxygen species and free radicals which can cause split ends, broken hair, rough cuticles, frizz, tangling, diminished curl retention and loss of colour.

What makes your brand different from what the market already offers?

Natural Aura is a moringa-based hair product line that originally began based on the intense research work done on the plant during my master’s and Ph.D. research work.

Natural Aura hair growth oil. Picture: Simone Zanetti. 

What are your top natural ingredients that one can mix at home which are good for hair?

  • Deep conditioning once a week is essential to restore moisture. It prevents your hair from experiencing adverse effects such as split ends and breakage.
  • avocado contains amino acids, proteins and fatty acids that can make hair shiny and keep it moisturised. The ingredients are avocado, olive oil, Natural Aura’s hair growth oil, honey, and egg. Blend together and work into your hair. Put a plastic cap on your head for 30 minutes to one hour and rinse out.
Avocado keeps the hair shiny and moisturised. Picture: Pexels. 
  • If you don’t have a clarifying shampoo and you’re looking to remove product build-up and to balance your hair and the sebum in it, apple cider vinegar is the solution. A lot of women use apple cider vinegar in place of a shampoo as some shampoos contain sulphates, parabens, petrolatum and other harmful ingredients that strip the moisture out of your hair. It also leaves your coils bouncy and shiny. Add three parts water to one part apple cider vinegar and massage into your roots to cleans. You can follow up with a conditioner. Warning: it does contain a foul smell.

Now, for the guys, tell us about your beard oil.

Beard oil contains natural oil blends and essential oils that contain antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant properties that are beneficial for your beard. The ingredients are intended to fight itching and flaking.

Natural Aura beard oil. Picture: Simone Zanetti. 

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