Aisha O'Reilly. Picture: Supplied.
Aisha O'Reilly. Picture: Supplied.

Pros and cons of natural hair

By Lifestyle reporter Time of article published Aug 7, 2018

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With natural hair being the biggest trend, having it seems glorious. However, like any other greatest thing, there is always a negative and positive side to it. Naturalista and hair blogger, Aisha O'Reilly shares the pros and cons of having natural hair. 

  • Versatile - you can have a full blown long fluffy afro one day, then a shrunken, voluminous kinky shorter afro the next.
  • Looks thicker - Even if your texture is fine, it looks thicker than straight hair because of the curls and kinks.
  • It's mine - enough said!
A pro: natural hair can be a long fluffy afro or kinky and short, depending on your mood. Picture: Instagram. 

  • It's dry - you have to up the moisture a lot because of the curls and coils and how natural oils have to travel down the hair strand.
  • Tangles - the kinkier the hair, the more likely it'll tangle on itself. And the longer it is, the more detangling time you have to factor in.
  • Shrinkage - although shrinkage is a good sign that your hair is healthy and elastic, it can get frustrating if you've spent hours the previous day to show your true length only for it to shrink from humidity.
Rocking tangle afro with pride. Picture: Pexels. 

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