Carol Ofori. Picture: Supplied.
Carol Ofori. Picture: Supplied.

Taking care of natural hair with Carol Ofori

By Thobile Mazibuko Time of article published Jun 29, 2021

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Award-winning radio host and voiceover artist Carol Ofori, has shared tips for healthy natural hair.

Ofori, who has had natural hair for five years, says she enjoyed her hair journey following a big chop in 2016. As such, she has decided to share tips on how to maintain healthy natural hair.

Moisture is your hair’s best friend

The East Coast Radio star reveals that keeping an afro moisturised is vital. “It’s important to find that sweet spot when washing your hair.

“Wash your hair often enough, but make sure you don’t over-wash your hair,” Carol says.

She says using highly moisturising products will also make or break your afro. Hence you should use water as a base before applying any moisturising products.

Use products to keep your hair healthy

Adding to the idea that moisture helps keep your natural hair healthy, moisturising products are there to help keep your afro looking nourished and full.

For Ofori, argan oil, avocado and grapeseed oil are the best to help lock in the moisture.

Wear protective hairstyles

The Raising Babies101 host says wearing protective hairstyles help in keeping your natural hair in tip-top shape.

“When it comes to changing up your hairstyles, it’s important to keep your natural hair in an environment that promotes growth,” Ofori says.

She says some of the best protective styles for afro include braids and cornrows.

Section out your hair while combing

She says sectioning your hair during this process is incredibly important. “Section it into four sections and then comb each section separately and give it a lot of love – it will make all of the difference.”

Never sleep with your afro out

Caring for your hair during sleep is also part of the process. “Try to twist it out if you can. Use some moisturising products before bed and use them again every morning when you remove the twists from your hair. Trust me, this is a game-changer,” Ofori says.

Watch Ofori’s five-year natural hair journey here.

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