WATCH: ‘I’m defeated’ - video of woman whose wig got snatched in Joburg CBD goes viral

A woman’s wig got snatched. Picture: TikTok

A woman’s wig got snatched. Picture: TikTok

Published Jul 27, 2023


Wigs are expensive and to have them flawlessly and undetectably installed takes time.

So, it’s understandable why this woman would be upset that her wig got snatched.

Tiktoker thick_tshidi took to the popular video app to tell folks that she had her wig snatched from her head in Johannesburg CBD.

With the overlay caption: “POV: my wig just got snatched in town (with crying face emojis)” she says, “My wig just got snatched… I’m defeated… Joburg CBD”.

With over 570K views, the clip soon went viral with many women flocking to the comments section to share similar experiences.

“Girl this happened to me and my friend 2 weeks ago,” responded one viewer while another said, “It happened eGugulethu. I thought it was a prank. I don't know why they do that. I wonder who buys those wigs. Its crazy.”

Another commented: “The reason why I don’t like wigs anymore. After they snatched my wig, trauma doesn’t allow me to wear it. I’m team braids now.”

“Haibo I stopped buying wigs the day they snatched mine,” said another.

While most people felt her pain and expressed how sorry they were for her, others were more impressed by how well it was installed and how strong the glue was.

“No but that closure is the girl she thinks she is… she was like forever yena,” said one woman.

“I want a relationship as strong as that glue hold” joked another.

Another had the same thing to say, commenting: “Your glue is stronger than my last relationship chom.”