Instagram influencer Lori Faith after her hair straightening disaster. (Picture: Instagram)

The "read before use" instructions printed on the leaflet you find inside the packaging of chemical hair products like dye, bleach or straighteners are NOT an optional read. It's a MUST read. 

If you're a girl who loves playing with hairstyles and colours, then you probably know the basic do and don'ts about how to treat your hair. 

But Instagram influencer Lori Faith decided to through caution to the wind by ignoring those warnings and ended up bald after she attempted to straighten her hair shortly after bleaching it. 

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Bleaching or straightening isn't something you should be trying at home and if you do decide to do it, you should at least proceed with caution. 

One would think that someone who changes their colour so often would know this. 

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So it's shocking to think that 18-year-old Lori would even consider doing something so risky. 

Risky being an understatement!

Her 55k followers are used to seeing her hair in different colours so when she started a live DYI hair demo stream on Instagram, her followers were not going to miss it. 

If Faith knew that the demo was going to end with her holding clumps of hair in her hand she probably wouldn't have gone live.

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After applying the relaxer over her freshly bleached hair and started combing through the product, she found her hair remaining on the comb as it started falling out due to the chemical reaction to the cream. 

When she realised what was happening she rushed to the bathroom to rinse off the chemicals. But the damage had already been done. 

Her hair washed away as she rinse off the straightening cream. 

By the time she was done, she was completely bald. 

Bald was definitely not a look she was going for.

Watch how this disaster happened and her response to it.