Halsey's naturally curly hair. (Picture: Instagram/iamhalsey)

Halsey has hit back against critics who have claimed her return to her naturally curly hair is cultural appropriation.

The 23-year-old 'Colors' singer was attacked by trolls on Instagram after posting a mirror selfie of herself with her natural locks; who lashed out they lashed out at the mixed race singer, assuming that she was wearing a wig she had no right to wear. 

Halsey - who usually rocks a pixie crop or wears mermaid style long length wigs - had posted a photo of herself in a white bath robe, showing off her dark brown curls. 

new growth, new growth; all these fades I outgrew ❣️

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Hitting back at her trolls, she wrote: "New growth, new growth; all these fades I outgrew."

Although the post has received over 800,000 likes, the 'Bad At Love' hitmaker was bombarded with negative comments from followers.

One user wrote: "Honey I know you want to be black SO bad but you need to accept that you're NOT ethnic. (sic)"

Another said: "She is no where near black even though she is biracial. (sic)"

Halsey vented her annoyance on Twitter and revealed that the picture was in fact of her own hair and not a wig like she had been accused of wearing.

She wrote: "I can't believe I spent a whole damn year growing out my curls under those wigs for y'all to say my natural hair looks like a wig ... some f***ed up s**t lmao. (sic)"

The 'Him & I' hitmaker then posted a photograph proving her natural hair; the image showed an adorable picture of the singer as a child, with the caption "stay mad." 

As well as the vitriol from the trolls, Halsey also received numerous comments from fans who loved her style.

One user wrote: "Absolutely Beautiful. Stop Hating. She's mixed. That's her Hair.. Come on. (sic)"

Another said: "You tell 'em. People don't have any idea what to do with mixed race people. I've never understood why I have to "check one box" WHEN AT LEAST TWO APPLY!! (sic)"

Halsey's father Chris is African-American with Irish heritage and her mother Nicole is of Italian and Hungarian descent and she has previously spoken out about the difficulties she has her with her identity.