Comfy crocks fashionistas hate. (Picture: Instagram/

Originally designed for practicality and comfort, the clunky clogs have always trodden a million miles away from the fashion world.

But now Crocs have enraged style gurus by selling a high-heeled version of its foam shoe – and it’s already sold out.

The Cyprus V, pictured, which sells for £39 (about R500), has a 9cm rubber heel – perfect for those who want to be comfy while gaining a bit of extra height.

The Croc Cyprus V as seen on the Amazon website. (Picture:

It has won legions of fans online – possibly ironically – with versions in either black or platinum and pink.

The heeled Croc is part of a surprising new trend called Ugly Fashion, where trendsetters wear intentionally ugly clothes.

They include thigh-high Ugg boots, denim thongs and transparent plastic handbags.

And for those who managed to get their hands on a pair of heeled Crocs before they sold out, the functional yet funky shoe has proved a hit. On Amazon, fans awarded it 4.3 out of 5 stars, lauding it as the ‘best shoe ever’.

One reviewer said: ‘This is one of the first shoes that fit my feet perfectly. I can wear these shoes all day with no pain at all.’ Another wrote: ‘I haven’t worn heels in a long time. They are too painful. I could literally run in these.’

But more traditional fashion fans have slammed the controversial footwear.

One wrote online: ‘Who in the world would want to wear Crocs with heels? How are they selling out? Why is such ugliness allowed to exist?’

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