@HOME X GAVIN RAJAH collection unveiled. Picture: Supplied
@HOME X GAVIN RAJAH collection unveiled. Picture: Supplied
@HOME X GAVIN RAJAH collection unveiled. Picture: Supplied
@HOME X GAVIN RAJAH collection unveiled. Picture: Supplied
@HOME X GAVIN RAJAH collection unveiled. Pic: Gerry Cupido
@HOME X GAVIN RAJAH collection unveiled. Pic: Gerry Cupido

Homeware retailer, @home, and celebrated South African designer, Gavin Rajah, have joined forces to bring a limited edition collection of hand crafted linen and scented candles to the market. 

Dubbed Prêt À Vivre (ready to live), the collaboration is the first of its kind, and is set to launch in @home stores on 23 November 2017. The range is available for pre-order online between 17 and 31 August 2017. 

@HOME X GAVIN RAJAH collection unveiled. Picture: Supplied

The collaboration

Known for their exquisite couture creations, the Gavin Rajah brand has followed what it believes to be “a natural progression from fashion to homeware.” @home customers who love the brand now have the chance to bring artfully considered design into their homes, allowing them to create a space that exudes luxury and refinement. 

Inspired by the joy of living, and a nod to the historical roots of the couture movement, this collaboration forms an integral part of the greater vision to make couture more accessbile to those who love style. 

@home is proud to be the first to offer their customers top tier, proudly South African designs that have been locally manufactured and hand-embroidered – there is nothing like it on the market. 

Described as a “meeting of the minds” by Chris Swart, Head of @home, the collaboration saw the retailer being constantly stimulated by new ideas and concepts – a process which both parties believe to have been incredibly valuable. 

Gavin’s team, who often works on homeware solutions for their clients and events, was inspired by collaborating with a ‘visionary retailer who pushes the boundaries’. The team was afforded complete creative freedom, from product and packaging design, right down to the creative direction of the shoot. 

“@home understood and embraced the vision I had, and refined it.” – Gavin Rajah

Throughout the creative process, the Gavin Rajah x @home team kept one important factor central to all that they did: the customer’s well-being. This pushed them to find a balance between entrenching their luxurious aesthetic in the market, and being commercially sensible, particularly when it came to finding the ideal price point. 

“We want to create memorable experiences that evokes the senses. It’s not only about the product, but about how it makes our customers feel.” – Chris Swart, Head of @home

@HOME X GAVIN RAJAH linen wear. Pic Supplied

The linen range

A sentiment shared strongly by both Rajah and the @home team, is that a truly beautiful home is one that expresses the essence of its inhabitants. “A home should be comfortable, beautiful, and more importantly, relatable,” says Gavin. 

Launching with a French-inspired collection, rich with intricate hand embroidery and fine detailing, the unique designs stand out as a top tier offering within the already successful @home ranges.

@HOME X GAVIN RAJAH linen wear. Pic Supplied

Incorporating 2018’s key trends, customers can expect to see an evolution of the geometrics and metallics that have dominated the last few seasons, as well as vintage floral embellishment. While the range draws strongly from SS18 fashion trends, the collection seeks to transcend these themes, creating pieces that stand the test of time in terms of both style and function.  

“Fashion leads, homeware follows.” – Gavin Rajah 

The Prêt À Vivre collection is the perfect example of the above statement. The intricate design details such as the delicate florals, as well as the choice of materials used and approach to colour, are very much signature features of Gavin’s latest work, namely the SS18 couture collection. 

Hand-poured Massage Candles
Inspired by Rajah’s love for travel, alternative healing and flowers, the mesmerising range of scents has been designed to comfort and uplift, creating a sure sense of opulence in any room.

With scents named Versailles, La Belle Époque and Rajahstan, the candles are made from 100% soy wax and essential oils, and once melted, can be used as a moisturiser or massage oil. 

“We wanted to create something that inspires and facilitates the customer’s wellbeing, particularly their sleep experience, and the creation of their own sanctuaries where they can relax and destress.“ – Gavin Rajah

Prêt À Vivre will be available at @home stores nationwide from 23 November 2017, for a limited period only. The range is available for pre-order online  between 17 and 31 August 2017.