Glamit hot hair and beauty has partnered with Hope Africa to support the sector that teaches women hairdressing skills.

They say a woman’s hair is her crown. Which explains why we spend so much time taking care of our hair to make sure it always looks good. Step into any hair salon on a Saturday morning and you’ll be able to see just how serious women are about their hair by how full the salon is.

With so many women out there wanting to maintain their hair and stay up to date with the latest hair trends, it’s obvious that there would be a need for hair salons and more importantly hair stylists. So many men and women would love to get into hairstyling but don’t have the means to attend expensive courses. 

Hope Africa is a Cape Town-based NGO that provides skills and support to get underprivileged men and women to start their own businesses and be self-sufficient. Glamit hot hair and beauty has partnered with this organisation to support the sector that teaches women hairdressing skills.

Anne practising her new skills. (Picture: Supplied)

Hope Africa Collective Hair & Beauty Training project was started because they recognised the need to empower women through skills development, enabling them to earn an income and support themselves and their families. Having operated in the township of Philippi, providing community upliftment programs since 2012 - they embarked on this project in 2016 with a group of six women. It has changed everything for these women and their families. They now have a revenue-producing skill and a sustainable path to exit the cycle of poverty.

Participants in the programme are identified, nominated and selected from local communities through various marketing activities including word of mouth, radio announcements and direct marketing to households.  

During the application process, the applicants are assessed on:

  • Their level of desire for business entrepreneurship
  • Their focus
  • Creativity and eagerness to learn more skills in the hair and beauty space. 

Cindy learns a new skill. (Picture supplied)

The women are taught by their own staff. Ziyanda Ndabazandile, a professional hairstylist of over eight years, works with them on hair styling techniques. 

Siyabulela Kondlo is the business trainer with over 25 years’ experience and teaches participants about the business aspect of operating a salon. 

The training has been made easier through having access to the CHI Deep Brilliance product range for textured hair, sponsored by Glamit Hot Hair & Beauty, to help these ladies get their businesses up and running.

The women undergo a 3-month training course on hair styling and have the option to take a one month course in business operations. Once the women graduate from the training program, Hope Africa Collective offers an ongoing business mentorship program to foster success in their newly established businesses. The organisation also offers ongoing hairstyling classes throughout the year. 

Being an NGO the project is in need of assistance from businesses and the community. 

Here are a few ways how businesses and the community can get involved and invest in these women:

  • Offering a 90% grant to them for the acquisition of a completed salon fully equipped at a cost of R55,000.00
  • Sponsoring training fees and initial start-up supplies and equipment = R2,500.00 for each woman
  • Sponsoring Styling training Heads R750.00 each (10 needed - total of R7,500.00)
  • Expansion of the Hair Training Classroom (Buildout) - R130,000.00.

Hope Africa Collective contact details: 
Phone: 021 200 1853
Email: [email protected]