Jewellery by Frankie Herwels. Picture: @chevon_photographer
Growing up in Elsie’s River, where being dark skinned and having coarse hair was perceived as unattractive, Frankie Herwels knew this was an obstacle that she had to overcome.

She felt as if society was against her natural self, while she was also dealing with her growth as a young girl. A hidden treasure she never knew existed started to emerge inside her and so began her journey as a costume jewellery designer... this was her escape.

Herwels started by recreating jewellery and gradually taught herself how to create costume jewellery.

“I dabbled around with poetry and my goal was to create ‘anything’ in a way that wouldn’t be easily interpreted,” she said.

Next, was the birth of MissAnke Jewels which was established as a tool to raise awareness on topics that women and children face daily.

Frankie Herwels wearing necklace designed by her. Make-up: @courtney_garder. Hair: HairSamantics. Picture: @chevon_photographer

“The start of the brand was because I needed to articulate my emotions and thought process without having to verbally announce it. MissAnke Jewels has become a language which I communicate a message with,” Herwels said.

“Through the brand, I bring awareness to topics such as culture, heritage, the fight against women and children abuse and domestic violence between siblings.

“Those are the type of controversial issues that I feel people do not tackle as in your face as they do with other topics.

“It’s in your face all the time, so why not deal with it in a positive way instead of ignoring it?”

MissAnke Jewels is an innovation which has evolved zip sliders into authentic jewellery.

Herwels is making a living from recycling jewellery inspired by rejected clothes at the factory where her mother used to work - a dream come true, she said.

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“My mom worked at a CMT (machinist) making clothing for leading retailers,” Herwels added.

“When the rejected clothing was brought back to the factory - usually avant garde designs - my mom brought it home.

“That’s what I would use as a mood board to create from.

“Creativity is in my blood and I was introduced to art work at a young age.

“I’m currently living a fraction of my dream, evolving as an individual and a brand as well.”