Finding your signature perfume can be an overwhelming experience. (Pic: Reuters)
Finding your signature perfume can be an overwhelming experience. (Pic: Reuters)

How to choose the right perfume for you

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Dec 11, 2017

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Finding your signature perfume can be an overwhelming experience. Gerry Cupido offers some advice on how to shop for your perfect perfume.

Christian Dior said, “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting”. But finding your signature perfume can be a challenge when faced with rows of different perfumes. 

Beautifully packaged, the pretty bottles sparkle like jewels displayed in a jewellery store. A visit to a perfume store is a feast for the senses.

With shop assistants armed with the latest fragrances all asking “would you like to try this new perfume from” the experience can be bewildering.

How do you filter out distractions to find the perfect perfume?

Florals scents are feminine, sweet and romantic. (Pic: Pexel Stock)

You need to know what type of perfume you’re looking for. What type of fragrances or scents are you most attracted to? Are you a sweet and floral kind of girl or more of a oriental and spice woman. Here’s breakdown on the different types of scents.


Romance, for me, smells like a rose garden in full bloom. Floral scents are sweet and feminine. Roses, jasmine, gardenias and carnations are a few blossoms that make up the bouquet of a floral perfume.


If the smell of freshly sliced oranges and a squeeze of lemon juice makes you happy then citrusy perfumes are perfect for you. Lively and energising, these are ideal for during the day.


Freshly baked ginger biscuits and crushed cardamom pods is what spicy perfumes smell like. These smells are warm and comforting, like watching your mom baking your favourite treats. A yummy kind of scent.


Earthy fragrances like amber and musk are appealing for the woman looking for a sexy, sensual and more exotic perfume. Ideal if you’re looking for a special perfume for date night.


These fragrances are sweet, fresh and sometimes spicy. Smells like apples, peaches, berries, watermelons and other deliciously juicy fruits.


Clear with a clean crisp smell is the best way to describe oceanic fragrances. Evoking scents like a sea breeze, fresh mountain air or clean linen. Great for the woman looking for a subtle fragrance.

A green fragrance can be described as leafy and earthy. (Pic: Pexel Stock)


A green fragrance can be described as leafy and earthy. Like freshly cut grass and a walk in the forest. Green fragrances tend to be unisex or for the sporty lady.


Sweet earthy scents like patchouli, bergamot, oak moss and sandalwood are characteristic of these perfumes.

NOW that you know what you’re looking for, here’s what to do when you go shopping for perfume.

- Don’t rush it. Set aside enough time to select a fragrance.

- Before testing a perfume on your skin, spray it on a test paper. Brands often have paper strips with their different perfumes' names printed on it. This makes it easy to identify when you get home.

- After you’ve found something you like during the paper test, you can spray the perfume on your wrist. Then wait.

- Wait at least half an hour to get a good idea of how the perfume smells on your skin. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to the same perfume.

- If you’re still not sure about the fragrance, try it in the morning and see how you feel about it as the day goes or how long the fragrance lasts. Don’t hesitate to ask for store assistance for perfume samples. When a new perfume comes on the market they often have small samples. This is a great way to test the fragrance over a few days.

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