The Jekyll & Hide range includes timeless pieces. (supplied)

Jekyll & Hide compliments the spring/summer trends with classically crafted leather bags, purses, wallets and accessories for the modern adventurer, business person and student.  

This spring/summer season promises to add a contemporary flair to traditional pastel tones and floaty fabrics by combining unexpected colours with a mix of modern technology and the natural world. 

As a nod to the current trend of season-less, genderless fashion, light colours and textures will accompany darker shades and thicker, more rugged weights. 

These trends are embodied by the Jekyll & Hide range, which includes both timeless pieces like creamy-soft leather jackets in burnt ambers and jet blacks, as well as cheeky modern pieces like banana-yellow purses, red-hot handbags and hipster crossover bags. 

The four key themes for this season are: 

Sweet Candy: Spring enters sweetly and slowly with silky, buttery textures and pure colours. Sport this trend with a classic Jekyll & Hide leather jacket or American ladies' handbag. 

Pure Spring: With the air abuzz with blooms and bees, vibrant colours of yellow, green and blue will welcome rising temperatures with a warm smile. Wear it your way with a Jekyll & Hide Colorful Caribbean purse that’ll keep countless cards and notes safe while you strut your summer stuff.

Colorful Caribbean purse. (Supplied)

Intense Style: Go bold with authentic, pure maritime colours of coral red and blue. We think this Ladies Amsterdam Handbag will pair perfectly with your beachy tan.

Ladies Amsterdam Handbag. (supplied)

Deep Summer: intense, saturated hues of vanilla sweet ice cream and strong blue volcano silhouettes are as striking and abundant as the cloudless summer skies. Mix these eye-catching colours with something classic, like a Jekyll & Hide Slimline Montana Crossbody bag that will hold your essentials while you hold a cold beer.  

Crossbody bag. (supplied)