Gloves are the best way to keep your hands warm in winter. (Picture: Pexel)

Wearing gloves might seem old fashion but it’s still the best way keep your hands way on an icy winter’s day. When you’ve been out in the cold and feel your hands start turning white from the cold you start to wonder why you don’t own a pair of gloves.

Some try and avoid using gloves purely because of our smartphones. Even though some of the phones now have a gloves option is still makes it difficult to use them while wearing gloves. Come on now ladies, would you rather have freezing fingers and that to check your Instagram page? 

Wearing gloves doesn’t mean you have sacrifice your style. Much like a hat or scarf, it’s an accessory that can both functional and fashionable. 

Here a few gloves to keep your hands warm in style.

Black gloves are a winner and I adore the pearl detail. (Queenspark, R219)


Grey is a great neutral colour. The bling silver studs give these gloves an edgy look. (Joy Collectables, R129)

Joy Collectables available from Spree.

Burgundy is a winter colour you can’t go wrong with. The bow detail adds a feminine touch. (Woolworths, R140)


As we all know to have anything beige in your wardrobe is always a safe bet. These faux suede gloves have a luxurious feel. (Joy Collectables, R129)

Joy Collectables available from Spree.