The 38-year-old model Kelly Brook. (Pic: Instagram)

Model Kelly Brook has admitted she feels sexier than ever, and the 38-year-old star is learning to totally embrace her curves and changing figure.

The 38-year-old model has admitted she feels better than ever about her changing figure, and explained while she still wants to work hard to stay in shape, she feels happier knowing she is comfortable in her own skin.

She told The Sun newspaper: "When you get older you settle into your skin and realise that how you look is not really what's important.

"So to get to an age where you go, 'This is who I am, wrinkles and all, saggy boobs and all' and think, 'Whatever', just makes you really happy.

Kelly Brook has admitted she feels better than ever about her changing figure. (Pic: Instagram)

"Obviously I want to look after myself. I don't want to let myself go but I'm not trying to compete with a 20-year-old."

The British star revealed she is no longer trying to fight the ageing process, and she isn't fussed about trying to maintain the enviable figure she had during her younger years.

Kelly explained that unlike some of her colleagues in the entertainment world, she doesn't have any intention of altering her appearance with things like Botox.

She said: "I meet so many beautiful women with perfect bodies but they're always at the doctor's getting fillers, getting Botox, getting the new tattoo, getting piercings.

"They are constantly trying to change their bodies and constantly trying to achieve something. It's like they're never satisfied.

"But I'm more confident with my body now than I was when I was younger."

Part of the confidence comes from her loving relationship with 32-year-old model Jeremy Parisi, who helps make her feel sexy every single day.

She shared: "We've been together for three years and it's literally flown by. He's so easy and nice and there's no drama."