Kim Kardashian looked to Kylie Jenner for inspiration before launching her cosmetics company. (Pic: Instagram)

Kim Kardashian West looked to Kanye West and Kylie Jenner for inspiration before launching her successful cosmetics company.

The 37-year-old beauty mogul launched KKW Beauty last year with a set of products for recreating her signature make-up look before branching out to other beauty items and the brunette beauty looked to younger sister Kylie, 20 - who had already established her globally successful brand Kylie Cosmetics with each liquid lipstick selling out within minutes of their release - to help her with her business model and "learn" about how to channel her success. 

She said: "For the first 18 months she only had [lipkits] and that really worked for her. I wanted to start with one product, I saw how successful that was for Kylie, and we're all in this together as a family, so why not learn from each other?

But despite being initially nervous, Kim admits she gets "so excited" when her products do well and is extremely invested in creating the best collection for her fans and showing that make-up can be simple. 

"It's that rush and that adrenaline for me. I'm online, I'm seeing who's online, our customer accounts, just the numbers, like what's selling, what's selling out, what's this, what's that, live tweeting, 'Oh my gosh, the light colour sold out.' I get so excited, it's this crazy rush. It's so much fun."

And Kim learnt how to choose the right business opportunities for her brand from her husband Kanye West, 40, after she saw how he prioritised his authenticity over money when launching his fashion brand Yeezy. 

She told Business of Fashion magazine: "So many deals that I thought were amazing at the time were presented to him. So many different companies wanted to buy his Yeezy brand, and he always said no. And I thought at the time, 'Wow, they're offering you a lot of money, are you sure you don't want to take that deal?' And he was like, 'Absolutely not, it's not about that, it's about having something that is 100 percent me'" 

"Now I feel like I'm in that position that he's in, where I like having all of my business, even if it's 10 times more work. I'd rather put work in, and know that, okay, that's all mine."