Kylie to launch new lip kits. (Pic: Instagram)

Kylie Jenner is set to launch a new Autumn/Winter make-up collection for Kylie Cosmetics next month, which will include five lip kits and an eyeshadow palette.

The 20-year-old reality star has continued to expand her beauty empire, which she set up last year, and will add five new autumn-inspired lip kits titled, Libra, Autumn, Wicked, Butternut and Hazel, to her company that will be available to purchase online on October 6. 

Kylie revealed the details of her forthcoming line on the Kylie Cosmetics YouTube account, which saw her and her best friend Jordyn Woods sample each shade.

Speaking in the clip, she said: "We are here in my glam room. I really wanted to show you guys first my five new fall colours. Jordyn has actually never seen them before, usually I show her all my colours she is my model, she tries on all my colours because I like to see them on someone else. But I kept these colours from her because I wanted to see her first impressions."

Kylie has changed the packaging of her products in the upcoming capsule as she has opted for an all black box instead of the white and pink exterior, but the star "loves" the "October vibes" of the items.

Butternut & Hazel 🍂

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She continued: "[The packaging] is all black.

"October vibes. I love them.

"I wanted this collection to be colours I had never done before.

The entrepreneur also shared an image of the upcoming products on her brand's Instagram account, which was captioned: "5 New Fall Colors.. Jordyn & Kylie are giving you a first look right now on the KylieCosmetics YouTube page! (sic)."

This post was then followed by a string of photographs of samples of some of the make-up items, as well as close-up pictures of the merchandise.


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And Kylie thinks the five items are "wild", especially Butternut because it is "literally" the same hue as the vegetable. 

She said in the YouTube clip: "It literally is literally the colour of Butternut Squash. It's a crazy colour.

Libra 10.6.17

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"Libra is the lightest colour I have ever done. It's a wild one. I think it kind of looks cool on me. " 

As well as the five lip kits Kylie will also be releasing a purple eyeshadow palette simply named The Purple Palette, but the television personality has yet to unveil the contents of the product yet. 

Alongside an image of the box of the item, which was posted on her photo-sharing site, it read: "The Purple Palette #StayTuned (sic)."

And in a separate Snapchat clip she teased she will reveal the details of the additional item "another day". 

She wrote: "Going to save the new palette for another day (sic)."