Lady Gaga at the premiere of her film 'A Star Is Born'. (Picture: Instagram)

The 32-year-old singer is known for her extravagant make-up looks and garish hairstyles, and her beauty team - Frederic Aspiras and Sarah Tanno - have revealed that the pop superstar is particularly opinionated about what she wants. 

Speaking to ELLE magazine, Sarah said: "She always has this very strong vision and very strong opinion about what she wants. A lot of times, it starts with the clothes."

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The singer's beauty team confer with each other before presenting anything to the 'Poker Face' hitmaker and use films and books as their inspiration for the musician's looks, days prior to an event. 

Sarah said: "We look at films or books and tell each other what we're inspired by. It's never like Freddie and I walk in on the day of the job and we're like 'this is what we're doing, Gaga' It's never like that." 

Lady Gaga has a strong vision about what she wants. (Picture: Instagram)

Sarah and the team insist that one of the most important style moments of Gaga's career was when she walked the red carpet for the first premiere of her acclaimed film 'A Star Is Born' at the Venice Film Festival - at which she wore a stunning Valentino pink feather gown that warranted a pulled-back, classic beauty look. 

Lady Gaga in the Valentino pink feather gown. (Picture: Instagram)

Sarah said: "I wanted to play on that and make it a little more ethereal where you could see her glowing skin and sparkling eyes and nothing was distracting from the beautiful moment of her first premiere. 

"I felt like I was never going to have a more important red carpet. I switched probably 60 lipsticks before I picked the perfect pink. It had to be timeless."