Kim Kardashian has turned the humble cycling shorts into hot pants. (Picture: Instagram)

When I first saw Kim Kardashian wearing what I know as “cycling shorts” I hoped that she was:

  1. Going to the gym and
  2. It wasn’t going to become a thing.

What was I thinking? Of course, it’s become a thing. 

I grew up in the 80’s and lived through the 90’s and we used to call those pants “cycling shorts”. A garment worn to cycle or exercise in. Definitely not a clothing item you wear out to the mall or anywhere other than a place of exercise.

As Kim’s 114 million Instagram followers know, the “cycling shorts” have become a staple piece in her wardrobe. She posts pics of herself wearing them day or night in various ways.

I’m sure this is going to be the hottest look this summer. As we know, whatever Kim Kardashian wears becomes an instant trend. As a matter of fact, I’ve already spotted a few girls copying the look. Unfortunately not as convincingly as Kim does.

Here’s a look at how Kim has turned the humble cycling pants into hot pants:

Loving these sexy silver thigh-high boots. (Picture: Instagram)
This monochrome look can work day into night. (Picture: Instagram)


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Thigh-high boots are definitely her favourite. (Picture: Instagram)


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Sneakers and a hoodie is how I remember wearing cycling shorts. (Picture: Instagram)