Kim Kardashian West has teamed up with a European sunglasses brand to create her own sunglass range. (Instagram)

You’ve got her wigs. You’ve got the skin tight, booty showing outfits. And you’ve perfected her signature contoured makeup look. Now all you need to complete the Kim Kardashian look is a pair of her outrageous sunglasses. 

The reality TV star and businesswoman, Kim Kardashian West, has made it easy for her loyal fans to get her distinct look by creating her very own sunglass collection.

Following in the footsteps of model Gigi Hadid and singer Rihanna, the 38-year-old mom of three, soon to be four, has collaborated with European sunglasses brand Carolina Lemke. Together they have launched a collection of seven different 90’s inspired designs.

According to People magazine, Kim K designed the sunglasses (shape, size, and colors) she’s always wanted, but never existed.

“Everything that I wanted that wasn’t out there we basically made. I am so happy with how they turned out,” she says of the glasses, which feature colorful mirrored lenses and sporty shapes.

A sunglass-loving girl’s dream come true!