Singer Meghan Trainor. (Pic: Instagram)

Meghan Trainor has revealed she uses wigs to change the style of her hair because she struggles to grow her own locks.

The 'All About That Bass' hitmaker has tried to grow her hair out many times over the last few years but she always seems to struggle to add length to her locks.

Rather than worry about it, Meghan made the decision to invest in several high quality wigs so she can mix up her style whenever she wants whilst maintaining a signature look.

The 24-year-old pop star - who has recently been seen with long, straight blue hair and even pink tresses - revealed her wondrous wigs whilst co-hosting the 'Today Show' on NBC.

Meghan - who was sporting pink hair - said: "This is a full wig, long hair equals power."

Talking about her lack of growth, she explained: "I can't physically do it, it won't happen for me. Tried for years now, tried all the shampoos and all the magic, it just doesn't care anymore, it gave up on me! So, I invested in wigs."

Meghan intends to wear a wig on her wedding day when she marries actor Daryl Sabara this December at her Los Angeles home.

Talking about her bridal hairstyle plans, she spilled: "I think long, blonde and wavy, so I can whip it around."

As well as co-hosting the programme, Meghan also performed on the 'Today Show' to huge cheers from fans who had waited out to see her.