A beard protects the skin from the heat of the sun.
Full beards seem cosy and warm in winter, but there’s no need to shave them off when summer arrives because they act as a permanent sun protection during the hot season. 

Fino cosmetics gives 3 reasons to keep your beard in summer. 

It will keep you cool. In winter, a beard feels warm because it protects the skin from wind (like a windbreaker), and in summer, it protects the skin from the heat of the sun.
  • Your beard protects you from harmful UV rays! According to an Australian study, beards act like a physical barrier between your skin and the sun-meaning you’re protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays (but don’t forget to apply SPF to the rest of your face though!).
  • Beards grower faster in summer. Though truer for some men than others, hair generally grows faster during summer due to our increased vitamin intake, time spent outdoors and in the sun, and a more active lifestyle. This means that you can grow your beard into your desired shape, faster, during the warmer months and there’s less of that “in between” awkwardness.