The new sweats Antony Morato belt. Picture: Supplied.
The new sweats Antony Morato belt. Picture: Supplied.
The new Antony Morato kicks. Picture: Supplied.
The new Antony Morato kicks. Picture: Supplied.
Nature in its purest form – Earth, Water, Fire, and Air were the four elements that inspired and brought the Antony Morato Autumn Winter collection to life. The Black, Gold and Silver collections draw inspiration from earth four elements, each revealing its substance in the world of contemporary fashion.

The Black collection is influenced by the contrast between Earth and Man. A contrast which becomes the heart of a metropolitan design, which combines military style with glamorous touches, fur inserts and embroidery with woolen threads. Jackets in damask fabrics with satin reverse reinterpret the informal jacket. 

Stylish jacket by Antony Morato. Picture: Supplied. 

The graphics are characterized by intense colours and are often scrawled violently and remind one of the Basquiat's works. The Gold collection is inspired by shades of the North Sea water blues and grays that imitate cold and humid conditions. 

Minimal details and contrasting inserts enrich a style based on rigorous cuts, where the immaterial graphics come through the overlapping of urban and natural elements, like metropolitan scenes, sectioned
minerals and the braiding of branches.

Inspired by the Earth. Picture: Supplied. 

Air is the essence of the Silver Collection and inspires garments reminding one of the paratroopers' uniforms. The details and the technical fabrics acquire a purely stylistic dimension, which outlines an urban sports context.

Straight cut jeans by Antony Morato. Picture: Supplied. 

As in a Pyramid the Elements melt to generate Fire, in the same way the collections combine to tell the story of the Antony Morato brand, which in this last symbol expresses its own vitality and essential but always dynamic style.