A more subtle approach. Suit from Markhams. (Pic: Simon Deiner / SDR Photo)

With just 1 day to go, excitement is building up for one of Cape Town’s most anticipated gathering, the Cintron Pink Polo. This prestigious event takes place this Saturday at the immaculate Val de Vie Estate in Paarl. 

This grand affair is held to raise funds and create awareness of symptoms and early detection of breast cancer, as well as assisting women and men affected by the disease, throughout South Africa. It also celebrates survivors of breast cancer and their inspirational stories of hope, healing and triumph. 

The event brings together the South African elite, entertainers, socialites, families  and the who-is-who in the sport of polo, business and the social scene. 

The the theme for this year's Cintron Pink Polo event is "Polo Chic", which is a celebration of the elegant fashion and sense of style that accompanies the sport.

Here are a few style ideas to draw inspiration from:


Daring pink like fuchsia pink. Suit from Markhams (Pic: Simon Deiner / SDR Photo)

Bold: Make a statement by wearing pink head to toe. Step out in a bold a daring shade of pink like fuchsia or magenta to make an unforgettable entrance. 

A more subtle approach. Suit from Markhams. (Pic: Simon Deiner / SDR Photo)

Subtle: For a sophisticatedly subtle and laid back look, opt for a more subdued pinky hue in blush, salmon or rose in a softer fabric. 


The neckerchief is making a comeback. From Another (Pic: Simon Deiner / SDR Photo)

Neckerchief: A neckerchief can add a chic touch to your look. Patterned or plain, wear it with your shirt collar unbuttoned for a more relaxed feel especially when worn with a crisp white or pastel coloured shirt and formal pants. 

Pocket square from Neo Serati. (Pic: Simon Deiner / SDR Photo)

Pocket square: Suit pocket accessories, like flower pins and pocket broaches, are seasonal but the a pocket square will always be a sophisticated addition to any look. Keeping in line with the pink theme choose a printed fabric. Florals work well but look out for graphic or animal prints as well.