David Tlale.
The journey to the home of Courvoisier in Jarnac, France, that recently acclaimed South African fashion designer, David Tlale, envisioned the ultimate accessory for celebrating life’s special moments - an elegant pocket square, now exclusively designed for Courvoisier’s limited edition VSOP gift pack.

Along with Bonang Matheba, David first experienced the Golden Age tour of Paris before going on to Jarnac last month where the duo had a personal bottling experience in the Courvoisier cellar with master distiller Patrice Pinet.

After drawing cognac straight from the barrel and labeling their own personal bottles of Courvoisier VSOP, David was inspired by the incredible environment and extraordinary sense of history to create something special and began sketching a design based on the Eiffel Tower, befitting the cognac’s history as it was the toast of choice during the Tower’s grand opening in 1889.

David Tlale in an exclusive Courvoisier square pocket. Picture: Supplied.

“The pocket square was inspired by the Towers’ unique wrought iron latticework which exudes luxury, timelessness and very iconic artwork.

It is the ultimate form of sophistication and a key fashion accessory for gentlemen who take pride in their appearance. It has been synonymous with royalty
and aristocracy for centuries, as has Courvoisier,”says Tlale.

The special edition VSOP is also the key ingredient in Courvoisier Noir, David’s signature cocktail, which combines the special cognac and champagne with flavours of cinnamon, orange and deep cherry.

Furthermore, with each limited edition box set purchased, Courvoisier connoisseurs have a chance to win an exclusive, custom-designed garment by David Tlale himself to the value of R10 000.