Distressed cut off short and sleeveless top. Model: Khaya. Pic by Tracey Adams

Teens have already started counting down to the end of school year and the start of the long summer holiday.

Hanging out with their friends, chilling at the beach and going to the best summer parties... a time to just let loose and take it easy. With school uniforms packed away and no dress codes it’s a time for teens to wear whatever they want. 

This summer season the trend is to look like you haven’t put too much thought into an outfit... less effort for a cooler look.

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Here are some hot summer trends to get that effortlessly cool look.

* Distressed cut off shorts are a summer must have. The more rips, the better. Whether you buy them or recycle an old pair of jeans, these shorts can take you from the beach to the movies. Keep the heat out with sleeveless oversized long length T-shirts.

* Boys can’t do without their sneakers. Sneakers are having a throwback moment with retro and old school sneakers making a comeback.

Get the look:
Striped sleeveless T-shirt and distressed shorts - Cotton On.
White socks - Mr Price.
New Balance sneakers - Spree.
Floppy cap stylist’s own.

Retro sneakers and the bandana are making a comeback this summer. Model: Khaya. Pic: Tracey Adams

* This summer the 90s are revisited with the bandana. Wrap them around your wrist or wear them as a headband for an edgy alternative to you cap.

* If you don’t already have a pure white basic T-shirt, which you really should, you might as well get a few more. No summer wardrobe should be without it.

Get the look:
White T-shirt - Spree
Jeans - Cotton On
Fila sneakers - Spree
Bandana stylist’s own