Be consistent with your grooming routine. Picture:  Kevin Bidwell Pexels.
Be consistent with your grooming routine. Picture: Kevin Bidwell Pexels.

Guys, trim your skincare routine - and beard

By Thobile Mazibuko Time of article published Nov 12, 2019

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The month of November is also known as "Movember" where the focus is on men's health . To ensure you keep your beard well-groomed in this warm weather, we’ve gathered grooming tips for bearded and bare men.

First, skipping your skincare routine is never a good idea, but especially in summer, because your face and beard may get sweaty during the day - which is why you have to wash your face thoroughly at night. 

Skipping this crucial step may lead to breakouts. Decide on your facial hair stance. Some men love a good clean shave when the weather heats up, others prefer the protection of a beard. Either way, facial hair needs special attention.

Do facials

Some men think that facials are a girl thing and that’s not true. The skin on the face is exposed to a lot of harmful rays - get it treated and pampered by a professional every now and then.

Trim your beard

We’re not saying chop off your beard, but giving it a nice trim every now and then is essential. Cut off loose ends and give your beard a good shape.

It can pay to have a beard trim by a professional. Picture: Thgusstavo Santana via Pexels

Wash and moisturise your face at least twice a day

The skin on the face is a bit sensitive, so after a wash, make sure you moisturise it to avoid cracks and stop the harmful rays from hitting your skin directly. Use one with a sun-protection factor.

Wear sunscreen

Don’t leave your house without applying a good sunscreen if you’re going to be outdoors, and repeat this at least every four hours.

Pro tip: Whether you opt to go bare or keep the beard, make sure you’re consistent with your routine.

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