Street hustler gets a new look. Picture: Facebook
Street hustler gets a new look. Picture: Facebook

Hair salon in Rustenburg gives ’street hustler’ a make-over

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Feb 23, 2021

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There’s nothing like a fresh haircut to make a guy feel good.

And that’s exactly what Sky Diva Hair in Rustenberg did when they gave a “street hustler” a make-over.

The hair salon took to their Facebook page to post a video that has already received more than 63 000 likes, showing the remarkable transformation.

“Today at Sky Diva Hair Rustenburg Branch we decided to put a smile on his face, Motivate him & Show him love ❤️ 🤩Let’s Make Rustenburg A Beautiful & Peaceful place together ... 🤩 📌Every Little good deed you do does make a huge difference in the next best persons life ... never take it for granted” is the message of hope and inspiration that the salon wanted to share.

In the caption. the man, who’s identity is unknown but who is referred to as a “Street Hustler”, is seen going into their salon and receiving a complete salon treatment. The kind of pampering we all need now and then.

One of their barbers gives him a fresh new haircut. After that we see him at the basin getting a deep face cleansing massage, followed by steaming and a facial mask.

Already we can see his skin go from dull to instant glow.

To complete the transformation the barber goes in and defines his edges.

At the end of the video, one would never say that it’s the same guy who stepped into the salon! Clean shaven, fresh haircut and glowing skin.

I’d say that Sky Diva Hair in Rustenburg certainly did put a smile on his face!

Watch the transformation here.

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