Fashion aficionado Thato Mahapa. Pictures: Supplied

This is Thato Mahapa. A Johannesburg-based Law student and the man with bragging rights for clinching the ‘Best Dressed Reader 2017’ title. 

But more than that, Mahapa gets to revel in the GQ experience, where he will be rubbing shoulders with the industry’s big names at the exclusive invite-only event on Monday night, and be pampered to an exclusive dinner amongst other perks that come with winning this competition. \

Celebrity guests includes — among others — two-time GQ cover man Maps Maponyane, November's issue cover man rugby player Siya Kolisi and the stunning Pearl Thusi, who will emcee the event.


When asked about his personal style Thato told GQ: "The pursuit I’m on to continuously improve myself and my life in all aspects inspires my personal style. But if you’re asking what I search on Pinterest and Google to get style inspiration, it’ll have to be classic menswear and the afro dandy movement."

Thato is also very passionate about style and presentation, and how it reflects the modern man.

"Social conditioning has taught us to respond better and to be more willing to trust well dressed, well-groomed people; it’s a subconscious thing," he said.

"The way you dress sends out a message to the world, so whatever message you’re trying to send to the world, the clothes you’re wearing have a huge bearing on how the world receives you and that message. 

"Whether you want a job at a law firm, or to be a rapper, you often have to dress the part, to get the part. Aside from the external factors, being stylish and well groomed does wonders for your self esteem and confidence."

Congratulations, Thato!