Guys are having fun with the Men With Weaves twitter trend. Picture: Twitter
Guys are having fun with the Men With Weaves twitter trend. Picture: Twitter

LOOK: Men With Weaves trend is causing a stir on social media

By Gerry Cupido Time of article published Apr 1, 2020

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When I noticed that #MenWithWeaves was trending on Twitter, I thought to myself; why are men wearing weaves and why is it trending? 

It sounded like the most ridiculous thing.

Things got even worse when I checked out some of the posts. Some made me LOL while others had me amazed.

But it became pretty obvious that guys are just having a whole lot of fun with their ladies weaves and that folk really shouldn’t be taking it too seriously.

It’s Day 6 of a national lockdown and people are now starting to feel the effects of being in isolation. Being at home all day has made people come up with the most creative and sometimes funny ways of keeping themselves entertained.

And that's exactly what these guys are doing and creating their own time to shine.

There are those guys who are making the least effort and basically just plonking the weave on their heads - clearly just there for the clicks. 

Then there are the guys who are doing the most and having fun with it. Slaying their weaves!

We have the guys who go all the way in and do a complete makeup look for full effect.

One guy commented that he finally got to wear their own money, implying that he was the one who in fact buys the weaves. 

The ladies, on the other hand, are not too impressed with what they are seeing in these #MenWithWeaves posts. A few worried that guys are “showing their true colours”. 

Here are some of favourite tweets: 

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