Style basics: Essential clothing items all men should have in their wardrobe

Having good quality essential items is vital. Picture: Pexels Gustavo Fring

Having good quality essential items is vital. Picture: Pexels Gustavo Fring

Published Sep 8, 2022


Guys really have it easy when it comes to clothes.

I’m sure there are many men reading this right now who are shaking their heads and rolling their eyes at what I’ve just said.

But, come on now guys, you have to admit that because your options are fewer, it does kind of make it a bit easier to choose what to wear and especially what to shop for.

While ladies have everything from skirts, dresses and shorts to all sorts of tops and shirts, guys basically only have pants, shorts, t-shirts and shirts.

Yes, of course, there are the outer layers like jackets, jerseys and blazers as well.

However, there are still men who will get to a clothing store and not know what to buy or simply buy all the wrong items.

If you’re wanting to put together a great wardrobe, you need to know what your basic styles are.

Here are four items all men should have in their wardrobes.

The white shirt

If you don’t own a crisp white button-down shirt by now, then you need to drop everything you’re doing and head out to the shops immediately. A good quality white shirt will take you from a business meeting to a dinner date. You can dress it up or down.

A crisp white shirt is an essential. Picture: Pexels/Ralph Rabago

Besieged a white shirt, a white t-shirt is as essential. Stick to classic round-neck, pure cotton t-shirts with no prints. This might sound like an obvious item for a guy to own, but you’d be surprised how many men don’t own a really good quality white t-shirt.

Invest in good quality white t-shirts. Picture: Unsplash/Mad Rabbit Tattoo

A classic navy blazer

One way to dress up that essential white shirt is to throw a navy blazer over it, another item that is so versatile. Besides wearing it with a button-down shirt, you could pair it with a white round-neck t-shirt for a more casual look. It works well in winter over a turtleneck.

Every man needs a navy blazer. Picture: Pexels Gustavo Fring

A pair of jeans

A perfect pair of jeans should be a staple in a man's wardrobe as it’s one of the most versatile items you will own. Jeans can be worn smart or incredibly casual and everything in between.

You can never go wrong with the flexibility of a dark-wash indigo denim, as you can move effortlessly from the office to the restaurant.

Essential footwear

When it comes to shoes, there are two items that are must-haves. A great, simple pair of leather white sneakers. Nothing over-the-top like chunky sports shoes or funky hightops. Just something classic that will not date. While white sneakers are casual, they are a much smarter option than colourful sneakers and can be worn with jeans, chinos or shorts.

White t-shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers. Picture: Pexels/Cottonbro

A pair of good quality formal black shoes. This is a no-brainer. Once again, keep is simple. Keep it classic. And don’t compromise on quality.