Taking care of your facial hair is important. Picture: Pexels/@Austin J.
Taking care of your facial hair is important. Picture: Pexels/@Austin J.

Summer grooming tips for men

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published Nov 18, 2020

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Summer is almost here, and it’s time for everyone to change their skincare routine. For men, especially those with beards, their skincare regime should include a bit of tender loving care to keep their facial hair clean and healthy.

Suncap has helped us put together tips on how men can enhance their grooming this summer.

Ditch the soap

If you have been using the same soap for your face and body, now is the time to stop. The skin on your face is not the same as the skin on your body. Use a facial cleanser, which not only helps maintain your skin’s moisture levels, but it also rids the skin of bacteria and impurities which may lead to breakouts.

Moisturise twice a day

As much as you need to wash your face daily, in the morning and the evening, you should do the same with a moisturiser. Go for a lightweight face lotion that will not leave you greasy but will give your face all the moisture it needs. Also, go for a moisturiser that has SPF, which will protect you from harmful sun rays.

Manage your moustache

Whether you’re shaving your beard and leaving your moustache, or growing a moustache from scratch this Movember, it’s vital to care for your facial hair (and skin!) with some quality products. Facial hair can be scratchy and gets unmanageable if not moisturised, that’s why beard oil is recommended. This oil blend not only conditions your facial hair but nourishes the skin underneath.

Pro tip: Always comb your beard with a soft brush to give it a silky, neat look.

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