The rise of aesthetic surgery among men

More men are going for aesthetic surgery to look and feel young. Picture: Pexels/@ Dalila Dalprat.

More men are going for aesthetic surgery to look and feel young. Picture: Pexels/@ Dalila Dalprat.

Published Mar 24, 2021


When the lockdown started in 2020, there was a rise in aesthetic surgery worldwide. Many people spent time researching, and those who could afford did go for surgery and had smooth healing since most of us were indoors.

Recently, we’ve seen a rising demand amongst men for medical aesthetic procedures. More men are looking for treatments to help them look and feel younger.

Dr Bruce Lelala, a plastic surgeon at The Specialist Laser and Cosmetic Institute, revealed that men have the same desire for a natural yet youthful appearance as women.

However, they are perhaps driven by different goals – such as a changing and more competitive workplace that increasingly values youth and appearances.

“Many of these men are vigorous and take pride in their appearance and want to look their best. Unfortunately, in their younger years, some men may have not worried about their skin-care regime. Or protecting themselves from the sun and potentially age poorly, when compared to women – developing wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and signs of environmental damage at an earlier age,” he said.

Asked about the most popular aesthetic treatments that men are looking for, Dr Lalela listed about nine.

These include Botox, IV Vitamin Therapy, Vampire Facial, Micro-Needling, Dermal Fillers, Chemical Peels, Laser Skin Rejuvenation, Hair removal, and Body sculpting.

He also added that in-office liposuction has growing popularity amongst male patients.

“In-office liposuction gets done using local anaesthetic in the doctor’s rooms. Focusing on the targeted area to painlessly liquefy the fat and then a medical suction device is applied to gently and permanently remove the liquefied fat from the affected area,” he said.

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