Leigh Schubert. (Picture: AFI Gallery)

We might still be layering on the jerseys, jackets and scarfs but spring and summer is just around the corner. You might even have noticed that clothing stores have already started unpacking their summer wear.

I must admit the thought of trying on summer clothes right now gives me shivers. Besides the sunshine, warmth and wearing fewer clothes, I am looking forward to injecting some colour back into my current dull and dreary wardrobe.

Here are the colours to make your outfits pop this summer.

Yellow: Sunshine yellow is the obvious colour to bring joy and happiness on a summer’s day. Think bananas, lemons and pineapples for inspiration.

Isabelde Villers (Picture: EUNICE DRIVER)

Red: A lady in red will always stand out in a crowd. A colour that exudes fiery passion. Look out for reds like strawberry, cherry and crimson.

Judith Atelier (Picture: EUNICE DRIVER)

Violet: Pantone colour of the year 2018, Ultra Violet, is a must-have in your collection. If this regal and galactic colour is all you add to your wardrobe, then you’ll be just fine.

Gert-Johan Coetzee (Picture: EUNICE DRIVER)

Pink: No wardrobe is complete without a pop of pink. If you thought pink is out, think again. It’s very much here to stay. This season bubblegum pink will add a touch of sweetness to your look.

The Uniconz. (Picture: EUNICE DRIVER)