Nail designs for the woman looking for something a bit more creative.

Have you ever sat down in front of your manicurist and had NO idea what you want to have done. 

When she asks you, “So what are we doing today” and all you can say is ummm, let me see what colours you have, followed by, “What shape would you like”. Personally this is when I have no idea what to say.

Some ladies like a simple yet classic manicure. Perhaps natural shape (one that follows the natural shape of your own nails) and a nude or simply a clear glossy finish. Then there’s the ever so popular French manicure - classic and sophisticated. 

Don’t get me started on the shape of the nail. It’s mind blowing just how many shapes there are. Hence the intimidation when I’m asked the question: “What shape would you like”. 

Here’s a quick breakdown: 

  • Round: The most natural shape that follows your natural nail shape.
  • Square: Your natural shape with a squared off at the tip.
  • Squoval: Not sure if you want it round or square? Then this shape is for you. A square tip with rounded edge.
  • Coffin: If you’re keen on the Kardashian vibe, the this is the look for you. The nail is long, tapered and the square tip. 
  • Stiletto: I would say that this look is only for the brave. Much like the coffin shape the tip is pointy instead of flat.

For the woman who wants to step out of her comfort zone and seeking something a more adventurous here’s some inspirational designs spotted on Instagram.