Indian-born actress Priyanka Chopra. (Pic: Reuters)

The Indian-born actress Priyanka Chopra has hailed organic coconut oil as one of her key skincare products.

The 35-year-old actress works with some of the best in the industry when it comes to fashion, make-up and hair - but she often turns to her mother, Madu, when it comes to getting the best skincare tips. 

In a video for Harper's Bazaar magazine, Priyanka explained how the process of leaving coconut oil on her face for a few minutes and gently wiping it off with a warm hand towel "really helped" with her dry skin.

Speaking about how her mother's advice has influenced her beauty regime, she said: "I'm usually travelling all around the world and whatever problems I might be having with my skin she is incredible. She knows how to have quick fixes for your skin, especially when it's troubled."

Priyanka added: "Since she was a little girl she always took care of her skin, and made me realise when I was a little girl the importance of it."

The Indian-born beauty also credits her mother for introducing her to a traditional face mask called Ubtan, which consists of whole wheat flour, turmeric, lime juice, yogurt and rose water to exfoliate the skin.

She jokingly said: "I feel like I really need to do this tonight, I may not have done it for a really long time."

However, the 'Quantico' star - who is rumoured to be dating Nick Jonas - did admit she wasn't always so keen to take her mother's beauty advice.

She confessed: "Of course when you're young, you don't listen as much but as I grew older I realised all these little tricks and amazing secrets that she had were integral to my skin."