Balmain’s master product trainer and runway hairstylist Guido Rieger. (Supplied)

THE word “couture” is usually associated with high-end fashion and beautiful gowns. However, the term is no longer exclusively reserved for glamorous garments.
If your budget doesn’t allow for a couture fashion piece you can now indulge in couture hair products.

Balmain Hair Couture products are suitable for all hair types.

The Balmain Paris Fashion House, known for its feminine and elegant style and adored by celebs like Kim Kardashian, has become the only luxury fashion house to create a collection of indulgent hair care and styling products called Balmain Hair Couture.

The luxury hair product was recently launched in South Africa with a masterclass by Balmain’s master product trainer and runway hairstylist Guido Rieger, who introduced the product range and demonstrated how to create a few runway hairstyles. The master hairstylist answers a few questions on this luxury hair product and offers hair tips.

What’s your goal as the brand product educator?

To spread the knowledge and love of Balmain Hair Couture and to change the hair industry.

What sets Balmain Hair Couture apart from other hair products?

It’s the only fashion house in the world doing hair and using real weightless technology.

The gorgeous ponytail will never go out of style.

Does Balmain cater for naturally curly and ethnic hair, and what products would you recommend for curly and ethnic hair?

Yes of course. Any product actually, as they provide the hair with Argan Elixir and Silk Protein to soften and retain moisture.

What is the biggest hair trend at the moment?

Ponytails, of course. Sleeked back with a side parting. Even for men with long hair.

For the woman who has little time to spend on her hair, what quick styles would she be able to create at home for day and night?

A woman who allows herself no time to spend on her hair will always show. There is no excuse for being lazy. You can’t look stunning in five minutes. Unless you are still 17 years old.

Sleeked-back hair is one of the hottest trends.

What were the hair styling highlights from recent fashion weeks?

Sleek-backs are just back in every form. Matte, shiny and tight. Runway ponytails have never been out of style!

What are some of their most common hair concerns?

Women always want what they don’t have. Thinning hair is the most common problem I face. Most vegan or vegetarian women suffer from hair loss and many allergies.

What advice would you give to women in general to achieve healthy hair?

If you use conditioner or treatment please comb your hair while the product is in your hair otherwise it won’t work, and use finishing styling products such as clay, spray and salt spray.