Rita Ora has become the first woman to grace the front cover of Esquire Middle East. (Picture: Instagram)

The 'RIP' hitmaker has made history by becoming the first lady to feature on the front page of the popular magazine - and she made sure it was nothing less than perfect as she slipped into a black bosom-boosting dress and oversized floppy hat. 

Taking to her Instagram account, the 27-year-old singer uploaded a photograph of the front cover and accompanied it with the caption: "I'm an @Esquiremiddleeast cover girl thank you for making me the first ever woman cover shoot star (sic)."

The blonde beauty discussed her body confidence with the magazine as she admitted that stripping off and parading her assets actually makes her feel "empowered."

Speaking to Esquire Middle East, Rita - who performed at the magazine's party in Dubai last month to celebrate its 100th issue - said: "I find it very empowering. 

"I love being in tune with my body, and I don't see me being sexy as a form of disrespect to other people or my upbringing. It is a form of freedom of expression. 

"You know, men also show off their body's on Instagram and people don't give them as much sh*t."

Meanwhile, although her good looks and celebrity status attracts a lot of attention, Rita recently admitted that she hates going on dates because they give her anxiety.

She said: "You've got to do a little bit more than swipe [on Tinder]. 

"Dates freak me out. I get crazy anxiety. I don't want any pressure. I'd rather have like a little drink. I just find it weird so a little drink is the easiest way."

Although she's not keen on dating, Rita is constantly being hounded by men trying their luck on social media and, although she usually ignores them, she sometimes entertains them if she's bored.

When asked if she gets DMs from men on social media, she said: "I get a few, I'm not going to lie and say I don't sometimes entertain it... But sometimes I completely ignore it and it's a little rude as I didn't see that there's a thing that says you've read the messages so I'm reading the messages and it just says read..."

When asked if it's every hour, the blonde beauty laughed: "Is it bad to say yes Not being full-headed. It's not like a focus on it, but I do get a few..."