During the masterclass Sir John took us through a basic look.

Make-up junkies, beauty bloggers and media from Cape Town gathered at the Woolworths' beauty department at Canal Walk shopping center on Saturday to watch Beyoncé's makeup artist, Sir John, at work. The LA-based makeup guru to the stars also hosted a  ‘WBeauty’ Beauty Master class in  Johannesburg  on Sunday. 

During the masterclass Sir John took us through a basic look and how to easily transform a look from day into night. Using easy to copy techniques he demonstrated how to create the trending halo eye look, correctly apply your concealer and foundation as well subtle contouring while responding to questions from "students" attending the class.

Beyoncé's makeup artist, Sir John.

After patiently waiting my turn to meet the celeb makeup guru I finally had the chance to sit down and have my fifteen minutes with the artist.

How should women in different age groups apply their makeup?
Under 18's - You're a minimalist. Keep it simple by using a cream blush on cheeks and a tinted lip balm. No lipliner! Keep the edges of the lips soft. Finish with just a hint of mascara.
18 to 35 - Focus on your eyes. Go crazy with bold eyeshadows and don't hold back on the mascara. Keep the lips and cheeks subtle. 
Over 35 - It's all about the statement lip, a flush on the cheeks and a great complexion.

What's the best way to use foundation?
Keep your foundation light and allow your skin to shine through. You have to show a little bit of who you are. When you wash your face at the end of the day you don't want to look like a different woman. Use concealer to cover up dark rings, redness or blemishes.

What makeup look will never date?
Certain things that were popular 2000 year ago are still popular now. The cat-eye liner that we love so much is the same look that Cleopatra wore. The classic nude eye and red lip is another look that will be here until the end of time. 

What advice would you offer a young girl that she can always take with her?
Love your skin and take good care of it. Use an amazing night cream. Never go out without sun protection. Have a statement lipstick. A great complexion and bold lipstick will take you a long way.