The “hungry” t-shirt is their best seller. (Picture: Tina Hsu)

You know that irritable bordering on angry feeling you get when you’re hungry? There's even a word for it - hangry. 

The creator of Tasty Tees felt that the term (and many other food-related terms) was real enough that it needed its own t-shirt.

The brainchild behind these quirky t-shirts is Ashraf Booley. Booley is a 27-year-old writer, internationally published poet, foodie and entrepreneur who after completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders (YALI) on New York’s Staten Island, came back home to Cape Town feeling invigorated and inspired. 

Ashraf Booley is the brainchild behind the quirky t-shirt. (Picture: Tina Hsu)

Tasty Tees, a brand of foodie t-shirts, is one of Booley’s many professional and personal ventures – of which he is the co-owner and founder. The brand launched online in June 2018 and is a collaboration with talented local designer Marcus Viljoen. 

Local designer Marcus Viljoen. (Picture: Tina Hsu)

“I conceptualised the idea about two years ago but kept putting it off for a number of reasons. With the help, support and encouragement of a close friend, I finally decided to give it a whirl,” he says. “I live and breathe food – I’ve cooked and baked from a young age thanks to my beloved mom. I also have a passion for fashion and worked for award-winning food magazines so it’s only natural that I combined these interests to create Tasty Tees.”

For its launch, Tasty Tees released three unique limited-edition prints: Melkskommel, Hangry and Can’t Dill. The colloquial term ‘Hangry’, for instance, is a portmanteau word coined by combining the words ‘hungry’ and ‘angry’ – a feeling we can all relate to… To date, this design seems to be a favourite amongst foodies.

Three unique limited-edition prints: Melkskommel, Hangry and Can’t Dill. (Picture: Tina Hsu)

These decidedly cool tees are screen printed and made from 100% combed cotton to ensure the highest quality standards. It’s currently only available in standard white. They are unisex, with sizes ranging from XS-XXL. Booley says they’re not only suitable for summer, but when paired with the right garments, can be worn in any season. Think denim, leather, suede, sequins, blazers, solid colours and bright and busy patterns. 

Ashraf plans to do a physical launch in the near future, with a number of exciting new designs in the works – so keep your eyes peeled!

Tasty Tees retails between R320-R340, excluding delivery, and can be purchased online at