Visit: Cape Aesthetics at 4 Wilderness Lane, Claremont, Cape Town
Visit: Cape Aesthetics at 4 Wilderness Lane, Claremont, Cape Town
Esthetic therapist Sally Gilder.
Esthetic therapist Sally Gilder.
Cape Aesthetics at 4 Wilderness Lane, Claremont, Cape Town

Some of the benefits of a chemical peel include restoring sun-damaged skin and improving and rejuvenating skin on your face, neck and hands for a younger overall appearance. The benefits outweigh the risks when the treatment is done by a trained professional. A chemical peel is not a one-time solution, choose the appropriate treatment that will give you the desired results and do your research.

I recently visited the Cape Aesthetics, a clinic at the Claremont Medical Village that offers the non-surgical procedure.

I had the Lamelle Alpha peel - which is a glycolic acid peeling system done by aesthetic therapist Sally Gilder. My facial concerns were regarding skin tone and a dry skin. Gilder recommended the peel. She explained the treatment, what it entails, the down time and answered some of my questions.

The peel was painted on my face and left for about a minute. On a scale of 1 to10, I would rate the stinging sensation a “7”. It was so intense that my eyes started to water... besides this I experienced minimal discomfort during the treatment.

A brief description of the process ? This treatment is good for patients who want to address age related problems. It is a light superficial chemical peel that leaves the skin looking and feeling radiant with minimal social downtime.

The cost? R650

Is it suitable for all skin types? Yes, best suited to patients whose main concerns are ageing or reduce the effects of time.

Post treatment I left my skin make-up free for the day. Within the week, there was no shedding of skin or any redness post the peel. I noticed that my skin had a lustrous and healthy glow (more hydrated) and felt and looked firm and refined. I will definitely do it again.

The risks and benefits? The only risk is post inflammatory pigmentation from not having the correct sun protection, post treatment.

Benefits: Glow, radiance, increased product penetration, removal of excess build-up of dead skin cells. There’s no social down time.

Visit: Cape Aesthetics 4 Wilderness Lane, Claremont, Cape Town