Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. (AP Photo/Tim Ireland)

The 36-year-old former 'Suits' actress - who was known as Meghan Markle until she married Prince Harry in May - has grown close to her sister-in-law since she officially joined the royal family two months ago, so much so that the 36-year-old duchess has been giving her advice on what skincare to use to give her the most enviable complexion. 

It was claimed last year that Catherine - who is married to Prince William - uses Beuti Skincare Beauty Sleep Elixir to remain fresh faced and, according to the Daily Mail newspaper, she's been trying to encourage Meghan to adopt the same skin care regime. 

The natural product is packed with anti-oxidants and is to be worn at night or even underneath make-up. The oil contains vitamins, minerals and a complete omega hit of 3,5,6,7 and 9 to wake up to beautiful glowing skin.

Beuti Skincare Beauty Sleep Elixir. (Picture: Instagram)

Meghan is known for her blemish-free complexion and her facialist, Sarah Chapman recently admitted that she follows a strict routine if she does happen to get a spot. 

Sarah said: "First wash your hands. Then begin by using a facial steamer to open the pores and prepare the skin - or have a bath or shower. 

"Apply a balm cleanser like my Ultimate Cleanse to the whole face, using massage techniques to work it deeper into the skin, and then circle the blemish with the pads of your fingers to soften the blockage further.

"Apply a warm flannel to the affected area and start to apply gentle pressure with a wiggle to either side of the blemish, stopping immediately if you see any blood. 

"It is important to always use your fingers and to avoid using your nails, as this can cause trauma to the skin."

Other beauty favourites of Meghan include Becca Cosmetics' Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter, to achieve her dewy look, and the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation - applied with a sponge beauty blender. 

Make-up artist Lydia F. Sellers worked with Meghan on the legal drama 'Suits' and has said Meghan always went for a more natural look. 

She said: "Every time I'd do her makeup, she'd say, 'Can we just make sure my freckles are peeking through? I don't want a ton of foundation'.

"It was more about the amount of product that went on her skin and keeping it really fresh and dewy, rather than caking it on."