Nail biting is an uncontrollable bad habit. (Picture: girl_.interrupted/instagram)

You’ll be sitting in traffic or stressing at your desk and next thing you know you’ve chewed off half your nails without realising it.

Nail biting is an uncontrollable bad habit which is common among children and teenagers. Most people grow out of the habit but unfortunately, some carry it on into their adulthood.

So what causes nail biting?

Nail biting can be a sign of emotional stress and is common among people struggling with anxiety or nervousness. Most of the time the act of nail biting is automatic, and nail biters do it without even thinking about it. 

Why nail biting it bad for you?

Most importantly, it can actually make you ill! Our hands carry an excessive amount of germs. Just think of how many things you touch every day. Germs are everywhere. Putting your fingers in your mouth exposes your body to those germs and increases your risk of getting sick.

It can damage your teeth. You may have heard your dentist saying you should never use your teeth as tools; well, it turns out that nail biting can lead to chips or even cracks in teeth!

Over a period of time, the habit can result in tissue damage around the nails, which may prevent them from growing the way they should.

Nail biting can cause permenant damage. (Picture: van__nails/instagram)

What’s the solution?

Mavala Stop is an easy-to-use solution for nail biters. When used regularly, it is an effective tool to help break the nail biting habit. It has a bitter taste and the appearance of clear enamel and can be used without, or over, your nail polish. It is suitable for children (over 3 years old) and adults. With small children, the efficacy can be compromised as their taste buds are not fully developed and they may like the bitterness of the product.

Mavala Stop is an easy-to-use solution for nail biters. (Supplied)

Available at Dis-Chem, Clicks and Woolworth. 

RSP: R174.00