Find the correct formula to make your lashes pop. (Picture: Pixabay)

I have a confession to make. I suffer from eyelash envy. Having really fine lashes and if I’m not wearing mascara my eyes look naked.

Hence my obsession with mascara and the never-ending search to find The One - that one mascara that will make all my lash dreams come true and fulfil my desire for thicker, fuller and longer lashes.

During my quest for the perfect for mascara, I’ve learnt so much about different mascara along the way - which would explain the bag of mascaras I own. 

Here are a few of the different mascaras currently on the market:

Volumizing Mascaras:

Looking for fuller and thicker lashes? Then it’s volumizing mascara formula you’re looking for. Perfect for the woman with invisible lashes (much like mine). Fine lashes regardless of length benefit from volumizing mascaras.

Elizabeth Arden Standing Ovation Volumizing - R370


This formula helps your lashes look longer and usually have brushes with dense bristles.

Smashbox Full Exposure lengthening Mascara - R365

Curling Mascara:

Lashes have a natural curve, however, some curl more than others. We are so obsessed with curly lashes that we torture ourselves with lash curlers. Luckily there is a mascara formula to enhance the curl of your lashes. Drop the lash curler and get yourself curling mascara instead.

WBeauty Curling Mascara - R170

Lash Defining Mascaras: 

This formula promises to add volume while defining your lashes giving you a thick natural looking lashes. I’m sold! If that’s not good enough, they are often available as waterproof.

Dr Hauschka Defining Mascara - R499

Non–Clumping Mascara: 

One of my peeves about using mascara is when the mascara clumps. Making the lashes stick together in unattractive lumps. I would usually have to go in with a clean mascara brush to brush through the clumps. So it brings me much me joy to see that there’s now non-clumping mascara on the market.