Top Model South Africa winner Melissa Magiera. (Pic: Radz Photography)

Cape Town local, Melissa Magiera, has just scooped up the title of Top Model South Africa – now she has her eyes firmly set on the international stage.

Following her success as a model with Cape Town based modelling agencies, Melissa Magiera is now making a name for herself on a much bigger level – she has just won Top Model South Africa.

Melissa Magiera has her eyes firmly set on the international stage. (Pic: Radz Photography)

Melissa grew up with her two siblings in a single-parent household on the Cape Flats in Strandfontein after her father tragically passed away from Motor Neuron Disease when she was just eight-years-old. She didn’t always know that she wanted she wanted to be a model. It was only after an impromptu photoshoot with her cousin at the age of 13 that the idea dawned on her. She was able to get her photos to various agencies around Cape Town and the rest, as they say, is history.

As Melissa got older, she was able to book bigger jobs with top clients such as Jet, Doritos, Cell C, PEP, Coca-Cola, Sorbet as well as international commercials. Melissa entered various modelling contests and has eagerly been waiting for her big break.

When she was tagged on Facebook in a post about Top Model South Africa, she didn’t hesitate to enter. She eventually became the only Capetonian to make it through to the top 38. Her location would often count against her as Melissa often found herself on the outside as many of the finalists were able to attend events up country that she couldn’t get to. But she didn’t let that stand in her way. She showed up at the finals ready to shine – and that’s exactly what she did. She is the new Top Model South Africa.

Winning this title not only means a top modelling contract, but it also means that Melissa will have the opportunity to represent South Africa at the prestigious international competition for Top Model in London in April.

Melissa has the opportunity to represent South Africa at the international competition for Top Model in London. (Pic: Radz Photography)

“My journey hasn’t been an easy one but it’s been rewarding one for me. I’ve worked extremely hard and have sacrificed a huge amount. I have gained so much experience and knowledge that I am forever grateful for. It is still so over whelming to say that I am Top Model South Africa! I’m ready for what my future holds as this is only my beginning. I am coming for everything I have ever wanted.” – Melissa Mageira

To keep up with Melissa's journey, follow her on Instagram: @melissamariamag